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Dear *|firstname|*,

Following our previous email of 1st November we’d like to remind you that our domain prices will be changing for existing clients on the 1st January 2019.

Domain extension Current Price (ex VAT) Price after 1/1/19 (ex VAT)
All .uk extensions including £3.99/year £6.99/year
.com .net .org .info £8.99/year £10.99/year

If you would like to renew early for one or more years you can do so here to lock in the current prices until 31st December 2018.


Please note that for .com .net .org & .info domains you will receive an email from the current registrar advising that your domain is being transferred when you renew it. This is to be expected as over the next year we are consolidating all non-UK domains from our various US based suppliers to one new UK based partner, Netistrar.

You can read the press release here. We have a close working relationship with Netistrar and this migration will help us deliver a better quality of service to clients.


In order to complete this transfer smoothly we will be invoicing and renewing all generic domains 7 days before their expiry date in order for the transfer to complete without issue or outage. Your domain anniversary will not change & you won’t lose any registered time, simply this one time your renewal date will be 7 days earlier.

All .uk domain names are still processed directly through Nominet.

You can find out more information about the transfer process here.

Kind regards,

Dave Kimberley - COO, Smart Hosting

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