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Dear *|firstname|*,
I'm writing with some fantastic news - Smart has now gone 100% renewable!

This was made possible through close collaboration between Krystal and Netwise, our new London datacentre. So thank you for your patience during the migration.

Our current operation spans 4 locations. Smart's services are based exclusively at Netwise House.

(We've also recently doubled our DDOS protection to 1,000Gbps+)
100% Renewable Power!
Running servers 24/7 is great for uptime and productivity but less good for the environment. It's estimated that by 2020 global datacentre usage will account for 3% of all CO2 emissions. We've known this for years but simply purchasing carbon credits (which do almost nothing to actually lower global CO2 output) or paying for trees to be planted, often on the other side of the world, doesn't tackle the root of the problem; dirty power generation.

Inspired by the "We Are Still In" movement in the US in the wake of the US's planned withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, we wanted to do our bit and demonstrate civic and environmental leadership here in the UK. I approached the management at Netwise who were incredibly responsive and agreed something needed to be done. Just 3 months later;

And this is truly renewable. No carbon offsets, no planting a tree (though we're looking at doing this too, I like trees) just 100% renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind and sea. We've gone with Ecotricity, the first company in the UK to offer true 100% renewable energy. They do residential too and switching is a breeze.

We've always chosen technology designed to minimise our environmental impact. We were heavy early adopters of SSD technology, which uses considerably less power for storing data. Netwise have built a facility with a PUE rating of 1.12 (1 is perfect and most efficient datacentres claim 1.2 - 1.4). The final piece of the puzzle was the power itself. By paying a premium for 100% renewable energy we're providing the economic incentive for more solar, wind and tidal facilities to be created, reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels and creating a path to a cleaner future.

This is a MAJOR milestone for the company. Environmentally ethical power consumption is practically unheard of among hosting providers and those that try it just buy carbon credits or plant trees somewhere. Even those that are using renewables only have it as part of their mix. Your hosting is now driven by 100% renewable energy, so you can sleep better at night knowing that we're not burning fossil fuels to power your site.
Quick Live Chat Update

Live Chat has proven incredibly popular, handling about ⅓ of all daily support. As a result of it's popularity and utility to clients, we've decided that Live Chat will be offered 24/7 from the 1st of November!

Please bear in mind that some enquiries will need a ticket. In those instances we'll convert the chat to a ticket and continue providing excellent support.

Calmer Seas

Thank you for your patience this year. While some clients concluded that Krystal's arrival broke Smart the reality is that things were going wrong before then. Without Krystal's intervention Smart would have imploded, then disappeared. It took an additional £350k of hardware and an extra 17 staff to stabilise the company, a testament to just how fast Smart was growing.

Support was slower than we'd have liked while we battled to stem the myriad issues and provide a solid base from which to continue growing the company. For that I can only apologise. The excellent team here never gave up on the clients or the company and worked around the clock for months to restore order. For that they have my sincere thanks and have hopefully earned your respect.

But I would also like to thank everyone reading this email. You gave us the benefit of the doubt, stuck with us through the storm and now it's time to enjoy the benefits; faster sites, more reliable email, improved security & DDOS protection, "green" hosting and improved support (and soon to be 24/7 Live Chat). Here's to plain sailing.

Kind regards,

Simon Blackler, CEO Smart & Krystal Hosting

p.s If you want to add another year to your next due date at 10% off the new prices you've got until the end of the month to take advantage of the discount. Simply reply to this email and we'll raise the invoice.

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