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Dear *|fname|*,

We've finally done it! 88,292 sites and 1,053 VPS' have been successfully migrated to their brand new homes in our London datacentre! I'm pleased to report that all systems are now running perfectly. All that's left is for you (and your visitors/clients) to enjoy the improved speed and reliability!

Thank you for your patience during the last 6 months. I know that at times things have been difficult and/or frustrating for some of you but it hasn't been for nought. Here's a summary of what we've achieved;

Post-merger improvements:

Added an additional 9 UK support staff taking the team to 24 (100% of our staff are UK based)
Added Live Chat for sales and support!
(Support requests require authentication and some issues need ticketing)
Invested over £300k in new hardware including a fleet of new servers and...
Purchased 138 4TB Samsung SSD drives (that's over half a PETABYTE of SSD storage!)
Replaced MagicSpam with SpamExperts fleet-wide
Removed over 3,500 accounts that were hosting spam and phishing sites
Put every site behind 500Gbps+ DDOS protection, as standard

We've also launched a new site and redesigned Bob. Let us know what you think!

New Bob launched

New Pricing
These improvements cost money, but I wanted to demonstrate the benefits to you BEFORE I asked you to help cover the costs. The new pricing listed below won't come into effect until your next renewal AFTER the 1st of September, by which time every client will have had at least 1 month on the new infrastructure so they can experience the difference for themselves.

This will be the first price adjustment in Smart's history.

To show our appreciation for your continued business, if you purchase an annual renewal between now and the end of August we'll take a further 10% off the already discounted annual price. The time will be added to your current term so you won't lose any. Just reply to this email if interested and we'll sort everything out for you.

New Prices
(effective 1st September 2017)
Monthly Annually Annual with 10% Discount
Shared Hosting £2.99 £33.00
£29.70 with discount
Standard Reseller £14.99 £167.88
Premium Hosting £7.99 £83.88
Premium Reseller £24.99 £287.88
VPS Management Reduced by £10/month - if you currently have this it's already been reduced for you

The Future

Smart's infrastructure has never run so smoothly; backups work, incoming spam is blocked, outgoing emails are delivered without bouncing and we no longer overload servers, so your site and email work quickly. I hope that you've noticed some of these improvements. More importantly, support has now fully recovered from it's all time high (and our all time low) and we've made a number of improvements to how we offer support, including things like adding Live Chat. We've also launched a comprehensive new Reseller Guide and revamped our entire knowledgebase. There is more to be done and we're working on it, that's what these new prices will allow us to do.

Smart's reputation for excellent customer support was what attracted me to the company in the first place. My only regret is that it suffered while we made these essential improvements. With the infrastructure now under control we have been able to spend more time supporting clients and less time fighting fires. As a result we've already started to recover the brand and I am confident that Smart will once again be regarded as one of the UK's top hosting companies in the near future.

While increasing prices is never going to be popular, hopefully you can see the need - things could not have continued as they were towards the end of 2016. I believe the changes I instigated were essential to ensure that Smart had a future. I do not believe there is another hosting company in the UK offering this level of service at this price point and I hope that you will continue to support us with your custom.

As always, if you've got any comments or feedback, we'd love to hear them.

Kind regards,

Simon Blackler, CEO Smart & Krystal Hosting

p.s if you've noticed an improvement since the merger, or would like to thank the team for their efforts I know they'd love to hear from you. All too often we only hear from clients when things go wrong, so it'd be lovely to hear your good news too!

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