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Dear {$client_first_name},

GREAT NEWS! As previously advised in this email, here is the information relating to your service upgrades and what you need to do for a smooth transition to your site's new home.

Key Upgrade Information

Your move date: {$move_date} between 00:01 and 06:00

Your new server: {$new_server_hostname}

What's moving: cPanel account {$service_username} on {$old_server_hostname}

Old IP address {$old_server_ip}s => New IP addresses

Your action IS required. Please read this email in full.


We will begin synchronising ALL customer accounts (including emails, databases, web files and cPanel settings) from 00:01 hrs on {$move_date}, and we expect the process to complete by 06:00hrs. Sometime during the above window your account on the old server will be suspended, and our DNS system will begin directing traffic to your new server.

As your hosting plan now uses SpamExperts all email will be redirected to the new server as soon as the account transfer completes. You will not lose any email.

While your individual cPanel account is being moved, any changes made to databases on the old server will be lost. Although this is usually only a small window of a few minutes, we recommend that any critical transactional websites, (e.g. e-commerce, forums, CRM systems) are put into maintenance mode overnight to prevent loss of information.

This critical upgrade will require that you adjust your email software settings and/or domain DNS settings, so please read the following carefully.

Email Software Settings
All login usernames and passwords remain unchanged but you MUST update your mail client settings on move day (Doing so before WILL break your email!)

Your new Incoming (POP3/IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) server name, if set to {$old_server_hostname} MUST be changed to {$new_server_hostname}

Please note that if you're currently using your domain name as the mail server then no change is needed.

For improved security mail will require that SSL/TLS is enabled for Incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP connections. If this is disabled you won't be able to collect email on the new server. You can activate SSL/TLS security immediately to avoid disruption.

Domain DNS Settings

Your new server has a different IP address to your current one.

If your nameservers are set to Smart’s;



then you don’t need to do anything - we’ll change the IP for you automatically. Any domain that is managed by us and uses our DNS has already had it’s nameservers set to these. If you manage your domain elsewhere simply change the nameservers to these now to facilitate a smooth move.

If you are using third-party DNS nameservers and don't want to use our nameservers for whatever reason then you will manually need to update any DNS records which point to the old IP address - {$old_server_ip} to {$new_server_ip} AFTER the move on {$move_date} (You will be able to tell when the move has completed as your cPanel account will be suspended on the OLD server). This needs to be done via your domain registrar e.g 123-reg, GoDaddy etc.

If you are using third party nameservers and using our service for mail you should also update your MX records to: mx1.cloudhosting.co.uk & mx2.cloudhosting.co.uk

Resellers ONLY - DNS Nameserver Glue Data

If you are a reseller using your own nameservers, then you will need to "re-glue" your nameservers using the following IP addresses. for your NS1
e.g ns1.<YOURRESELLERDOMAIN>.co.uk for your NS2

This can and should be done now, to reduce the chance for stale data. You do not need to take this step if you are using Smart nameservers. This is done via whomever manages your main domain name and involves specifying an IP alongside the nameserver.

Third party connectivity

If you use any payment processing or external services that requires whitelisting the servers connecting/outbound IP then {$new_server_ip} should also be added now to facilitate uninterrupted service.

Summary - What you need to do
  1. Make a note of your scheduled move date - {$move_date}

  2. Identify now whether you need to put your site into maintenance mode the night before (transactional sites only)

  3. Add your new IP ({$new_server_ip}) to any 3rd party service that requires it.

  4. Email
    a. Know what your incoming and outgoing email server names will be once moved (see above) and change to them post move. (Important: DO NOT change them now!)

    b. Change your mail client to use SSL/TLS NOW (normally just a tick box in your mail client)

  5. DNS
    a. Check your domain uses the new nameservers (ns1.cloudhosting.co.uk & ns2.cloudhosting.co.uk) - if it does, the IP change will be handled automatically for you

    b. Know what IP address ({$new_server_ip}) you are moving to if not using Smart nameservers and be ready to change it post move

    c. Resellers only - reglue private nameservers to the new IP's (see above)

  6. Keep up to date via the Smart Status website

  7. Reactivate any site put into maintenance mode once moved
If you have any specific questions regarding this work, please check the Frequently Asked Questions on the dedicated Upgrades page and if still unsure contact support.

Kind regards,

Simon Blackler, CEO Smart & Krystal Hosting

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