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Dear client,

We've been super-busy the past few months stabilising the service and I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the key changes and feature improvements we've made, and to let you know about further imminent exciting upgrades.

Faster Websites with LiteSpeed
We've upgraded all our web servers from Apache to LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed yields great performance increases over Apache, helping sites load more quickly whilst using less server resources. We've also removed lots of malicious sites. Together these changes have massively improved stability, uptime and security.

We've also invested heavily in a more transparent and effective anti-spam solution for your email. The excellent SpamExperts (accessible via your cPanel) now runs in front of all servers and protects every one of your mailboxes - free of charge. Our anti-spam cluster routinely blocks over 1 million spam emails every day destined for our service. Nothing like a nice clean inbox!

Email Deliverability
We've tightened signups to prevent spammers and fraudsters from being able to create accounts on Smart servers in the first place. We've also cleaned up hundreds of existing accounts that were being compromised regularly. As a result we currently have a clean MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) reputation for all servers so bounced emails should be a thing of the past.

With more stable, less stressed servers, we're now ready to start upgrading all clients to the new hardware we promised back in January. We have spent over £250,000 on the latest and greatest technology. Here's some of it at one of our new London datacenters;

Every disk light is a 4TB Enterprise Grade Samsung SSD!

New Server Highlights
  • RAM: 50% more + 50% faster than current servers
  • CPU: 33% more cores + 35% faster than current servers
  • Storage: 300% more SSD space + 25% faster than current servers
  • Free SpamExperts with cPanel plugin
  • 500Gbps+ DDoS protection

Upgrade Schedule

We've put together a page detailing all of the moves at

You will receive an email about 2 weeks before your move date with all of the relevant information. Please read and understand it fully. We'll send 2 reminders via email; 1 a week before your move date and a final the day before to check that you're all ready. There's also a notice displayed prominently in your client area so you don't forget.

There are a couple things you can sort right now to ensure a smooth transition. Please make sure your nameservers are set to and (you can check here but if we manage your domain this has already been done on your behalf) and enable SSL in your email client. This will be mandatory once you’re on the new hardware so you might as well enable it now, if you’re not already using it.

We're very experienced as a team at migrating sites between servers and are confident that it will be a painless process with your assistance. If you have any questions then please check the FAQ at or contact us.

Thank you for your patience over the last few months. The whole team has been working really hard since the merger to stabilise the service and bring you this improved platform and we can't wait for you to enjoy the new speed and stability.

Kind regards,

Simon Blackler, CEO Smart & Krystal Hosting

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