How to protect the planet, plus test our latest upgrade.
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2022 Q1 Update

Hello Customer,

Welcome to our first quarterly update of 2022. As always, we’ll keep things brief, relevant and hopefully interesting!

Krystal staff litter picking

Earth Day, every day

Tomorrow, Friday April 22nd, marks the 52nd Earth Day. This year’s theme is “Invest in our planet”, which resonates deeply with us. To commemorate the day we’ve been out litter-picking and have pledged a further 8.4 million trees by 2025 in Kenya and Madagascar (this will take our total to nearly 10 million). We’re hopeful that we can avert the worst of climate outcomes if we all work together and every day can be Earth Day. Read our latest blog post for some tips on how you can make a difference with small changes. Learn more about our 8.4M tree pledge.

1 million trees award

1-year Climate Positive & 1 Million Tree Award

In January we celebrated 1 year as a Climate Positive Workforce (Ecologi). Being a Climate Positive Workforce means that every person in our organisation has their carbon footprint offset. We were also honoured to receive an award (made from a recycled kitchen worktop!) from Ecologi for planting our first million trees. If we get one for every million and we're successful in our mission to plant a billion trees by 2030 we’re going to need to invest in some kind of storage (or branch out into the kitchen-building business!).

A preview of the new Sirportly interface

Katapult launches in Amsterdam

In February, we announced the launch of our brand-new Katapult location in Amsterdam. Katapult is our ultra-fast, self-service cloud platform. With this latest launch we now offer our world-class virtual infrastructure service in the UK, United States and EU. Canada and Singapore are planned, so stay tuned. Katapult is designed and developed here in the UK using only the very best components and is seriously epic. Give it a go with the free £100 credit.

A preview of the new Sirportly interface

New Sirportly helpdesk beta registration now open!

We’ve been working on a BRAND NEW version of Sirportly that will include live chat, enhanced third-party integration, a beautiful new user interface, and – get ready for it – dark mode! Want to see it before anyone else? Sign up here to secure your spot.

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As always, please get in touch if you’d like to talk and thanks for reading,

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