Dear Customer,

This email only applies to you if you use the Softaculous or Installatron applications installer within cPanel.

For some time, we have been supporting two individual third-party application installers -  Installatron and Softaculous. We have supported both solely because we inherited them as part of company acquisitions over the years.

For simplicity, we will be deprecating Installatron in favour of Softaculous in the next couple of months. We will also be replacing the in-house backup location used by these applications. We expect the work to be completed by the end of February.

Softaculous will provide you with all of the features that Installatron currently provides. We have created a number of guides on using Softaculous which can be found here.

Stage 1

The first stage will be the removal of the in-house SFTP based backup system (shown as the "SFTP1" target in Installatron) from both Installatron and Softaculous in the next few days. This is due to long-term performance issues, and a replacement will be commissioned later (see below). The backups on the old system will not be moved to the new system.

This will not affect other backup locations you have created (e.g. Dropbox, Amazon, etc) and they will continue to function normally. It will also NOT affect your regular free daily cPanel backups that we provide. You will still be able to restore your files and databases using the JetBackups area of cPanel. You can find guides on using JetBackup here.

Stage 2

Any installations that you have within Installatron will be imported to Softaculous automatically over the following week or so and removed from Installatron. Installatron will then be removed from your cPanel server.

Stage 3

A new local backup system will be commissioned and will become available for your Softaculous application backups. We will notify you again when we complete this work.

Should you have any questions about the changes in this email, please get in touch with our support team who will be more than happy to assist you.

Kind Regards,

David Kimberley
Chief Operating Officer

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