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Dear Client,

Onyx is finally here, and it is FAST! In fact, we think it's the fastest WordPress hosting in the world!

For more details please see our competitor comparison page
After nearly a year in development, Onyx is our next-gen Optimised WordPress Hosting platform. A unique blend of the very latest technology; the fastest NVMe SSD hard drives (which are up to 10x faster than standard SSD), triple-copy distributed storage and High Availability (HA) private containers by default (this is a world-first too) - all backed by the great support you've come to expect from Krystal.

cPanel hosting is fantastic but it's a Swiss Army Knife approach that trades performance for versatility. Onyx does just one thing, but extraordinarily well. As our first client writes;

"I've used many WordPress hosting services but they've got nothing on Onyx.
It's blisteringly fast."

- George Edwards

As a valued client you can try Onyx today on your site for FREE for a month (that's £0), with absolutely no obligation to continue using the service if you don't love it. Your existing hosting service and cPanel account with Krystal remains unchanged, and you can easily revert to your current hosting at any time using KARMA, our migration assistant agent. Just click the button below to get started.

Upgrade your Wordpress experience instantly for FREE

Normal prices start at £14.99/month with a 60 day money back guarantee.
(See plans and pricing)

Some highlights of Optimised WordPress on Onyx (included as standard):
Faster than the rest - Good for SEO, mobile users, sales and your sanity!
Highly Available - No single hardware failure can take your site offline.
Secure - Private containers, HW firewall and 1000Gbps DDOS protection.
Backups - Up to hourly for complete peace of mind.
UK Developed/Supported - From the team at Krystal you know and love.
Easy to use - Simple, fast and elegant control panel (with no ads!)

Experience the difference for yourself today, FREE.

Normal prices start at £14.99/month with a 60 day money back guarantee.
(See plans and pricing)

Onyx represents one of the biggest milestones in the company's history and I'm really excited to share it with you. We've taken 15 years of industry expertise and created something that can be an instant drop-in upgrade for the 100,000+ WordPress installs we currently host. We've made it entirely in the UK, it's certifiably world class and did I mention you can try it out FREE for a month with no obligation?!

We're also putting our award winning UK-based support team (No.1 on TrustPilot & ISPA "Best Host" 2018) behind the platform so you can have absolute confidence in the service and know you've got help when you need it. I think it's going to blow your socks off and I'm incredibly proud of the whole team who have made this a reality. So, take Onyx for a spin and let us know what you think via the feedback form in the control panel!


Simon Blackler - CEO Krystal Hosting &

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