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Dear Client,

Please do read the "Why the Increase?" section below, it's important!

Nobody likes reading these emails and I don't like writing them! Which is partly why it's been 5 years since the last price increase. In our defence we've not only improved the service massively in that time but also today's notice comes with further improvements too (and you'll be able to add time at your current price if you wish). Firstly, the headline changes...

Headline Changes (prices ex. VAT)

Going to £3.99/month, £39.99/year and £94.99/triennially.
RAM has been doubled to 512MB
Going to £7.99/month, £79.99/year and £189.99/triennially.
RAM has been doubled to 1GB
Price staying at £9.99/month, £99.99/year, £239.99/triennially.
RAM has been doubled to 2GB.
Backups Pro daily backups now included (worth £1.95/month).

  1. Reseller, Business, VPS, Backups Pro and Domain prices remain the same.
  2. Prices come into effect on your next renewal on or after August 1st 2018.
  3. Memory increases are already active and visible in your cPanel.
  4. We've recently added free Wildcard SSL Certificates via Let's Encrypt.
  5. You can add time at your current price here (but please read on first!)
Why the Increase?
In 2002, frustrated by poor service and bad business practices, I created Krystal to provide an "Honest, Reliable & Personal" alternative to the large faceless hosting corporations. I was confident that the market would choose our passionate, high-quality version of hosting, especially given that it cost less, included more and the pricing was fair and transparent.

Sadly, over the last 15 years those providers have consolidated their grip on the market through aggressive acquisition and deep pockets. GoDaddy recently acquired Host Europe Group (HEG) which in turn had acquired companies such as 123-Reg, Heart Internet, Webfusion, Daily, TSOHost and Vidahost (Paragon) plus some 30 others. Endurance International Group (EIG) has done a similar thing and now owns Bluehost, HostGator, iPage and A Small Orange plus nearly 80 others!

Two companies that own over 100 hosting brands offers consumers very little true choice as to where to spend their money and as a result of this lack of competition there is little incentive for these mega corps to do the right thing. It was for precisely this reason that Krystal was founded; to challenge the bigger players and force them to improve their service or get hit where it hurt them most; their wallets. And while Krystal is now the largest independent hosting company in the UK we need YOUR support to ensure that there's an independent option in the future.

Krystal isn't like other companies. The business is and always has been very much run as a professional hobby. We have no requirement to return value to shareholders (I own 92% of the business and my family owns the remaining 8%) so we reinvest all of our profits to build the best hosting company possible.

We buy the latest and greatest technology for you to use and place service and quality first. Recently this has included 1000TB (1 Petabyte!) of new backup storage using Helium-filled drives, a private dedicated 100Gbps fibre network between our 3 London datacentres and a bespoke WordPress platform developed entirely here in the UK (Learn more about Onyx).

Future plans include a fully revamped VPS platform, deploying NVMe disks (which are like SSD but up to 10X faster) and significantly expanding our exceptional UK based support team. Quality costs, so we need to increase prices or find ourselves unable to innovate and edged out over time in a market increasingly dominated by a few giants. It would be a bleak future indeed if your only options for hosting were GoDaddy and EIG...!

O.k, I'm in! How can I help?
1. Spread the word!
We've grown largely through word of mouth. If you know someone hosting somewhere else please invite them to join us! This could be a personal message, a post to a group you're part of (without being too spammy!) or if you make use of social media and really like what we're doing we'd love a shout out! We're @krystalhosting on Twitter and you can find us on Facebook here.

You can tell the world about us out of the kindness of your heart, but you can also earn a kickback from us too if you'd like! Simply share your unique referral code, which you can find in your client area and have your friend enter it during checkout and we’ll split £10 between you. By default you’ll get £5 for introducing someone to Krystal and they’ll get a £5 discount (you can also change how the £10 is split). If you think you can send us lots of people you should definitely join our affiliate programme and earn good money, up to £300 a sale!

To make it easy for people to join us we're building the all-new Krystal Automatic Retrieval & Migration Assistant ("KARMA"!) that will port accounts automagically at a time that suits you. You can even watch it in real time and track its progress. And of course, our support staff are here to help 24/7 via ticket and live chat to help with any migration questions or issues you may have.

2. Upgrade to the revamped Unlimited Ruby plan
We've made the Ruby plan even better. Show your support for what we're doing by upgrading to it and enjoy the following perks;

  • Unlimited sites, databases, disk space and bandwidth
  • 50 Entry processes & 2GB of RAM
  • A free domain for the life of the plan
  • Daily backups with Backups Pro included (worth £1.95/month)
  • Simply click here to upgrade your plan instantly
Closing Thoughts
Krystal is a unique business. I know the company embodies values people care about. Values like honesty, transparency, quality and integrity. We have a challenging time ahead of us but I am resolute that we will not become mediocre or care only about profit. Being different is in our DNA and with your support Krystal will realise its potential as an agent for positive change.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long email. As always I'm interested to hear your feedback. Simply reply to this email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I've often said that we wouldn't be here without you, and that is true. Now, I realise that we won't get where we need to be without you either.

So, thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

Simon Blackler - CEO Krystal Hosting

p.s you can add time at your current price for 1 or 3 years and upgrade to Ruby instantly here.
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