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Dear Client,
I hope you had a great holiday and are looking forward to 2018 as much as we are!

I've got some exciting news about your business hosting plan; it's being upgraded to more powerful hardware and moving to our network core at Telehouse North. This will differentiate it from all our other hosting and provide the very lowest latency and fastest speeds possible. There is no additional cost.

Specific notifications with the exact details of your upgrade are currently being sent out (and some users have already had their migration take place) but rest assured that we'll make the migration as seamless as possible. IP addresses and server names are not changing.

You can see a summary of the moves at


Optimised WordPress Hosting Platform...

The elves at Krystal have been busy over the past few months creating a brand new Optimised WordPress Hosting service from the ground up. It's hosted on our EXCLUSIVE new managed hosting platform called "Onyx" and it's now in Alpha, ready for you to test out!

Some highlights of Optimised WordPress on Onyx:
Bespoke WordPress system designed explicitly for speed, resilience and scalability.
Uses dedicated hardware in Telehouse North (with multi-location resilience in development).
Containerised environment to fully segregate users from one another for improved security.
High Availability by default through clusters - no single hardware failure can disrupt access.
Supported by the same team behind Krystal and with the same dedication to quality.

Alpha Access
After internal testing we're now ready to share Onyx with clients as an Alpha and we thought we'd open it up to our Business clients first.

Visit for more information:

If you volunteer to help us improve the service during its Alpha & Beta stages you'll be given 3 months free Onyx service once the platform launches publicly by way of a thank you.

Kind regards,
Simon Blackler - CEO Krystal Hosting
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