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Backups & Blackfoot Acquisition
We've got a full calendar of improvements for your services in 2016 lined up and we're starting with a very important one - backups.
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Dear *|FNAME|*,
I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

2015 was Krystal's most exciting and successful year to date, culminating in the acquisition of Blackfoot Hosting Ltd on December 1st. If you are one of our new 2,500 clients from Blackfoot then may I take this opportunity to personally wish you the warmest of welcomes. I hope that you're settling in and finding things to your liking at Krystal.

The Blackfoot merger brought with it 2 new members of support staff, Alex and Joxy, who have already integrated into our support team seamlessly, providing continuity for Blackfoot clients and reduced support times for existing Krystalites. I know you'll make them feel welcome.

We've got a full calendar of improvements lined up for 2016 and we're kicking it off with a much needed upgrade to our backup service.

Please read this email and visit as we need you to update your backup preferences.
Upgrading Backups
For years we've been keeping up to 100 snapshots of every file, email and database on your behalf. The combination of strong growth and us increasing resource limits on plans started to overwhelm our old backup platform towards the end of 2015. Apologies if this adversely affected you. It was time to take a fresh look at backups.

We found the vast majority of users don't make use of the backup plugin and some users - such as businesses - could do with more frequent backups in case something goes wrong. We also found that the service wasn't fast enough when needed as it was overloaded.

To solve these problems we have split our backup offering into 3 distinct tiers;

  1. "Backups" - Monthly and Weekly cPanel backups. Free for ALL plans.

  2. "Backups Pro" - Daily backups, held for 30 days (30 snapshots). Powered by JetBackup. Optional Upgrade.

  3. "Backups Premium" - Backups taken every 6 hours and held for 30 days (120 snapshots). Powered by JetBackup. Free for business plans.

You can see a summary at

Over Christmas we installed dedicated new hardware for the Backups Pro and Backups Premium services which has freed up the current backup platform to deal exclusively with the weekly and monthly cPanel backups, making them much faster.

The result is a fairer system that provides those who need backups with a more reliable and comprehensive service while still providing every account with free backups, something Krystal pioneered and is very proud of. Furthermore, charging for daily backups provides us with the means to keep the service current. In the future we might offer an even more frequent backup service if there's enough demand, please let us know.
Important - Your Action Required
To ensure that nobody loses daily backups you are currently OPTED IN to Backups Pro.

Don't worry! - we will not be charging anyone until the 1st of April 2016 and then only on your next renewal.

This gives you plenty of time to explore the services and decide whether you want to keep it or not. Both systems are currently live in your cPanel

You can update your backup preferences at any time at;
Please note - no matter what you choose you will not be billed before the 1st of April 2016 and then only on your next renewal.

We have elected to make users opt-out of daily backups so that we can be sure people have read and understood this important change and will not lose something they might need/want.

It's not in our culture to bill you for anything you do not want which is why we're offering a 3 month free trial and will send multiple follow up emails to ensure that you've let us know your preference.

Please visit now, it only takes a minute.
Beyond Backups
We've got a whole host (!) of other improvements on our roadmap for 2016 but I'll send an email around about those soon. In the meantime from the whole team here, including Alex and Joxy, we would like to wish you a prosperous 2016.

Apologies for the long email and thank you for your continued custom.

Kind regards,
Simon Blackler - Founding Partner
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