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WooCommerce WordPress Hosting

We’re WordPress hosting specialists. With over 21 years in business we’ve created the perfect hosting platform.

We currently host 141,605 WordPress websites and have created the following to help you choose the perfect hosting service for your WordPress website.


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Powered bycPanel

WordPress Hosting

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Shared WordPress hosting built on the Krystal platform. Great value for small websites or if you’re just starting out with WordPress.

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Low contention shared WordPress hosting built on the Krystal platform. Fully PCI-DSS scan compliant for eCommerce websites.

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The world’s fastest WordPress hosting platform, built by Krystal. Triple-redundant, high-availability and fully optimised.

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Site performanceGoodBetterBest
PlatformcPanelcPanelBespoke in-house WP optimised
ArchitectureShared serverLow-contention Shared ServerDedicated HA Private Containers
ScalabilityFixed resourcesFixed resourcesScalable resources
EmailOption or use 3rd party (Gmail, Office365 etc)


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WordPress Hosting


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Verified customer testimonials


Rated Excellent based on 1,666 reviews

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  • Technical customer service that excels

    Migration is not for the faint hearted however Krystal moved my cPanel from TSOHost with all my WordPress sites and email accounts to cPanel at Krystal in a few hours with zero fuss. Their instruction and guidance was amazing and did all of the ticket notes with replies taking full ownership.

    David Longstaffe

    Verified Customer

  • My go-to supplier for hosting

    I've used the majority of the UK based hosts and Krystal come out top every time. Their independence means the support and products are a class above all of the competitors who are acquired by the 'big 2'. Great infrastructure coupled with high quality systems and bespoke control panels - means everything just works as it should. On the rare occastion that there are issues - support is efficient and of high quality. Status pages are honest and transparent. Having some older accounts with other hosts is always a reminder that we're in the best hands with Krystal. Hopefully we'll get everything migrated over one day!

    Ashley Hollinworth

    Verified Customer

  • Absolutely amazing

    I was recommended Krystal 15 years ago I have NEVER been let down by them. I have had tech queries from time to time and they always seamlessly, promptly and happily help me out. Exemplary service and tech acumen. I highly highly recommend Krystal.

    Caroline Ficker

    Verified Customer

  • Hands down the best assistance ever

    I am a Krystal customer for a long time now, using its services as a freelance developer, and I've seen their customer assistance charmingly evolving from very good to super awesome. I always met friendly and knowledgable real people in the chat which guided me to their documentation but also assisted me on the spot with a huge variety of everyday technical issues with DNS and hosting duties.


    Verified Customer

  • Simply a great service!

    Been with Krystal for years at this point for web hosting but never had my domains with them until now. Transferred the majority of my domains in so far so their systems can mange those too as the old registrar was getting way to pricy compared to Krystal at nearly double the price.


    Verified Customer

Best-in-class performance

The World’s Fastest WordPress Hosting

We tested our platform against some of the biggest names in WordPress hosting. The graph below shows the results. Onyx is twice as fast as some of our leading competitors!

  • Platform:



    Personal Plan



  • Platform:

    Google Cloud


    Starter Plan



  • Platform:

    Google Cloud


    GoGeek Plan



  • Platform:

    Amazon Web Services

    WP Engine

    Startup Plan



  • Platform:

    Amazon Web Services


    Ult'Man'WP Plan



Test methodology

Each service has been tested using the Siege stress tester from a High Frequency Compute Vultr system in their London datacentre.

Testing involved two rounds. In each round, 200 concurrent requests to a default WordPress homepage were generated as quickly as they could be processed over the course of 1 minute, repeated 3 times, then with the average result of the 3 tests being taken.

The first round tested cached responses using the provider's default/recommended caching utilities enabled, the second round tested uncached responses with caching disabled to simulate requests to dynamic, uncacheable content. The results of these two rounds were then averaged together to represent a 50% mix of cached/uncached requests.


100% Green Web Hosting Provider

We use 100% renewable electricity from sources like the sun, wind and sea.

  • Green Energy

    We use Ecotricity for our power, the first company in the UK to offer true 100% renewable energy.

  • Green Datacentre

    All power consumed at our datacentre facilities uses 100% renewable energy and all centres have achieved a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) rating of at least 1.2.

  • Green Purpose

    We work with key partners including Trees for Life, Ecologi and to create a path to a cleaner future. We balance profit with purpose and are a Certified B Corp.

  • Green-Minded Staff

    Our staff are encouraged to be green and we assist where possible; we also hope our clients adopt a “greener approach” to technology in the future.

Our best WooCommerce hosting platform yet...

In order to get the best out of your WooCommerce website in 2022 you need to choose a hosting provider that not only provides a fast, stable and secure platform for your site but also has your back should any issues arise or simply be there for you should you have any questions or want to get the most out of your hosting plan.

Any quality managed WooCommerce hosting provider should provide the following, and we’re certainly no exception, we strive to be the best host for your website with:

  • Fully optimised hosting platform

  • 100% NVMe’s for ultimate performance

  • Caching for increased performance

  • Support (we’re 100% UK based)

  • Enterprise-grade hardware

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Regular security/malware scans

  • Provide regular data backups

  • Never overload servers

  • Fast network and secure datacentre

  • 60 day money-back guarantee

All the above is just the start, at Krystal we pride ourselves on being the ’gem of the hosting industry’, not only do we heavily invest in our own hosting infrastructure, but also in our team ensuring all our technology and our valued clients are supported to the best & highest standard. Since we started in 2002 our main ethos is to provide a better way of hosting to clients that want an honest, reliable and personal experience.

With over 21 years in business we’re proud to receive consistent 5-star reviews from our happy clients and in that time have built a rock-solid service that’s impeccably supported by a highly skilled and professional team.

Your WordPress website is in safe hands!

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Live Stats

Transparent and honest support

Our award-winning in-house support is ready to assist.



(last 7 days)

  • 8 hours average resolution time
  • 62% solved in 1 response



(last 7 days)

  • 5 minutes average call duration time
  • 30 seconds hold time target


Live Chats

(last 7 days)

  • 7 minutes average wait time
  • 20 days average resolution time

We pride ourselves on offering a hosting support service like no other; polite, knowledgeable, fast and always ready to help.