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How to enable functions or commands within the PHP Selector

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Krystal offer customers considerable flexibility when it comes to the configuration of PHP - the popular server-side scripting language. We support a broad range of PHP versions from 5.2, including 7.x, and an even broader array of extensions, and php.ini settings.

By default however, our shared servers do block specific functions and commands from being executed from within PHP, such as exec() (which, used incorrectly, can be dangerous) as well as many others.

You do however, have the functionality to modify these and enable commands from within the selector on an account basis.

Locating the PHP settings configurator in cPanel

From the cPanel main page, locate the Software group and click on the Select PHP Version icon.

Switch to PHP Options

Click the 'Switch to PHP Options' hyperlink in the top right hand corner.

Choosing which functions to enable

Click on the disable_functions line, as you hover over it, it will underline.

Enabling the function

In this example, we're going to enable exec(). To do so, we need to remove exec, from the list of disabled_functions. Once removed, select 'Apply' and the line will show as a yellow colour. Check to make sure that you've only removed the exec function (or the function you wish to remove) and hit 'Save'. This will now apply.