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Netistrar Migration

We are consolidating all of our generic domain names into one supplier, Netistrar.


Krystal Hosting

As a UK-based organisation, we are always keen to work with UK partners. Next on our list was finding a UK-based domain name registrar. We settled on Netistrar, an independent ICANN accredited registrar and Nominet accredited channel partner.


What is happening

We are consolidating all of our generic domain names into one supplier, Netistrar. We will be working with Netistrar to migrate, at renewal, all gTLD domains (e.g. .com .net .org .info .biz)

UK domains (e.g. .co.uk .uk) will not be affected - Krystal are a Nominet partner and register these domains directly with the registry.


Why it’s happening

Making this transatlantic migration is an important step in securing Krystal’s footprint in the UK. Netistrar are a very agile company, allowing us to offer a streamlined domain service for both existing and new registrations.

Krystal has over 20,000 generic domains spread over multiple registrars, consolidating them into one, UK registrar is an exciting time for us.


How it’s happening

When your domain is due for renewal, you will receive an invoice as usual. Once this invoice has been paid (you decide to renew); we will automatically start the transfer process.

For some domains we will be able to complete this process entirely automatically. For others, you will receive an email from the current registrar (primarily eNom) detailing the EPP authorisation code.

Should we need you to supply the EPP code to us, we will send you an email containing a link where you can submit your domain name EPP code securely to us. We need this to initiate the transfer, we will then complete the transfer for you.


Important details

  • Only global domains are being transferred, UK domains are not affected.
  • Your domain will be ‘locked’ for 60 days after the transfer - this is an ICANN policy and not something we can control. This means you will not be able to transfer the domain again during the 60 day window following the domain transfer to Netistrar.
  • We transfer registered nameservers and contact details
  • There should be zero downtime and no changes need to be made by you
  • We will email you to let you know the transfer is in progress and when it completes successfully
  • You’ll be contacted via email if we encounter any issues during the transfer.