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Already managed by us, order your domain name today from a provider you can trust.

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Domain Name features

We're giving you dependable, great value domain registration and management:

No hidden costs

The price you see for a domain name is the price you'll pay, we don't add extra fees or costs.

DNS editor

Edit your domain with ease using our DNS editor; allowing you to edit nameservers, MX & CNAME records plus much more.

Large choice of domains

We provide a large number of domains extensions you can register, making it easy for you to find your perfect online identity.

Domain Privacy

All domain contacts details are now private by default as a result of the UK's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) regulations.

Domain management centre

Allows you to manage all aspects of your domain name including contact information, renewals and more.

Manage domain renewals

Never lose your domain name again, manage your own renewals or allow us to manage them automatically for you.

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.UK Domains
( etc)
  • Place an order using the form above (transfer is free).
  • Please contact your current registrar and ask them "To update the IPS TAG on to KRYSTAL".
  • Your current registrar is contractually obliged to retag the domain in a "reasonable" time, though they may charge you for the "privilege".
  • It costs 0 to RETAG a domain name, if your current registrar is going to charge you to leave then we'd recommend that you just go straight to Nominet's Online Services Login and pay them 10 + VAT directly. This has 2 advantages; 1) they'll action it immediately and 2) it might help discourage the practice of charging to leave, which we believe is unethical, even if it doesn't at least your current registrar doesn't make any money from you leaving.
  • You may be asked to provide nameserver information, if so our nameservers are and (Please don't specify IP addresses).
  • Once the domain name has been retagged you'll be able to manage it through your client area. Simply change the nameservers to ours if they haven't been already and it'll automatically work with your hosting (if you've ordered any).
  • Please see Nominet's terms and conditions before registering or renewing a UK domain name.

N.B. that retagging your domain to our tag without placing an order could result in your domain being detagged as our systems will not know it's meant to be there, please place an order first.

Generic Domains
(.com/.net/.org /.info)
Pre-Transfer Checklist
  • Ensure you have access to the admin email address listed at the registry for your domain. If you do not, contact your current registrar and have it updated to one you can access.
  • Obtain the EPP/Auth transfer key from your current registrar.
  • Unlock the domain at the current registrar.
  • Make sure your domain name has not expired. It is advisable to initiate your transfer at least 7 days prior to expiry date, so there will be enough time to complete the process.
Place an order and make payment
  • 2 emails will be sent to the admin contact email address for the domain.
  • The first email should arrive within 8 hours requesting confirmation to MOVE IN. Please follow the instructions and agree.
  • Following this email you may receive another email from your current Registrar requesting confirmation to MOVE OUT, please also accept this.
  • It can take up to 5 days for the losing registrar to make the change. You will be emailed when it's been successfully transferred. You can check the client area for status updates.
  • Once we've got the domain simply change the nameservers to ours if they haven't been already and it'll automatically work with your hosting (if you've ordered any).

N.B. We cannot transfer domains that are less than 60 days old. Please wait until the domain is at least 60 days old before attempting to transfer.

Domain transfers add 1 year onto your expiry date, so you don't lose any time you have paid for. There is one exception to this rule: if the domain was recently reactivated from an expired state, you will not get a year added to the expiry date.

.UK Domains
( etc)
  • Simply login to your client area and under the Domains Icon click on the "Manage" link for the domain you want to retag.
  • Enter your new registrar's IPS TAG in the box and click the button.
  • You can verify that the RETAG has been processed by checking the whois output at
Generic Domains
Tell us you're leaving! (and why if you want)
  • Initiate a transfer from your new registrar (the international domain transfer mechanism is a pull, not push, system).
  • You will get two emails, the first from your new registrar requesting confirmation.
  • We will send you an email, checking that you really really want to leave, are you sure? it's not too late, come back to Krystal!
  • The domain transfer will be handled automatically after that, it is up to your new host to configure your domain name to work with your hosting.

Domain name FAQs

All domain names registered with Krystal Hosting will have their registrant information hidden at no extra cost. This means your personal details will not display in any public WHOIS databases.
We can redirect your domain name to an existing site on your behalf, simply contact our support team with the details so they can set this up for you.
All domain owners have the option of using our DNS editor located in the client area meaning you don’t need access to cPanel simply to manage your DNS. We have a handy support guide here for further information, click here to view:
Yes you can! We have a management area for your domain at From here you can simply click ‘Domains’, your domain then ‘update contact details’.
Yes you can! As above, we have a management area for your domain at From here you can simply click ‘Domains’, your domain then ‘nameservers’.
The ability to use different email addresses and have your own inboxes for each email address is only provided with a web hosting package. However you can forward all mail sent to your domain to an existing email address without having a hosting package but just a domain name, please simply contact support with the details so they can set this up for you.
Unfortunately not, simply because once purchased or renewed they can’t be ‘unpurchased’ or ‘unrenewed’. We’d recommend double checking the spelling before completing your purchase to avoid any disappointment.
As part of our commitment to offering a Krystal clear, fair and honest service we have provided all of the tools you need to transfer domains between registrars in your client area - there’s no charge and you can self manage the transfer or you can contact us to assist you.
At Krystal we aim to make your renewals as simple as possible. You have the choice of auto renewing your domain name - which means we’ll raise you an invoice 28 days prior to renewal. You can then add a card on file for auto billing if you’d like meaning we’ll then debit the payment on your due date and renew the domain on your behalf meaning you’ll never need to worry about missing a renewal again!

Or you can manually manage your renewals in your client area. Even if you enable auto renewals and decide to cancel a renewal, it’s no problem at all, simply select to disable the auto renewal in your client area anytime prior to renewal and the domain will then be left to expire.