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Senior Software Engineer

  • Permanent and full-time role
  • Remote
£75,000 to £100,000

We’re looking for a senior software engineer to join us to work on our new cloud platform. Katapult is deployed on Kubernetes and made up from a number of micro-services. We need engineers to work on areas such as our external & internal APIs, public command line interface, our in-house cloud orchestration software as well as other key areas such as DNS, storage, billing and our container platform.

We'd be more than happy to have a chat with anyone to discuss this role in more detail - just drop an email to or jump onto our open source Slack at

We're looking for someone:

  • who is autonomously excellent

  • who cares deeply about the quality of their work and ensuring that they’re producing the best possible code, testing and documentation.

  • who is able to help, mentor and motivate other members of the software engineering team

  • who is interested in keeping up to date with an ever changing landscape of technologies and best practices.

  • who enjoys working along with others (both in person and remotely)

  • who is friendly and a good team player

About this role:

Join us to work on building our next generation cloud platform

Date posted: June 17th, 2020

Start date: ASAP

Department: Development

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Essential requirements:

  • Ability to lead development of an application or feature from beginning to end (including documentation and testing)
  • Have experience with Ruby and Rails
  • Experience deploying & monitoring applications and services
  • Experience working with testing frameworks
  • Be familiar with MySQL as a database engine (including optimisation techniques)
  • Have experience and knowledge working with HTML web-based applications
  • Have a strong knowledge and understanding of object orientated programming and related design patterns
  • Knowledge and experience working with Linux operating systems for server use
  • Have at least five years commercial experience
  • Have a good knowledge of Git for source control.

Highly desirable experience:

  • Kubernetes, Docker and Containers
  • Experience with compiled languages such as C and Go
  • Network programming and technologies (for example load balancing, firewalling etc..)
  • Knowledge of virtualization technologies and software
  • Experience working with micro services
  • Knowledge of frontend technologies is useful when working with other developers

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