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Use the new Krystal CDN service with WordPress

Emma Lunt

By: Emma Lunt in WordPress

Posted on: September 09th 2015 at 14:59pm

Our guest blogger Phillip Dews from ‘Phillip Dews – The Brummie Blogger‘ has created this three step guide to using the brand new Krystal CDN. If you haven’t signed up for your three month free trial already there is still time! Check out our CDN page now!

Setup Krystal’s New CDN Service for WordPress in Three Easy Steps

This is going to be a really quick and easy to follow step by step tutorial to configure Krystal’s awesome new CDN Service! If you have not signed up for it yet then I recommend that you do. Claim you Free 3 month trial HERE. If you did not know that Krystal have launched this service then read their Blog post about it HERE.

A lot of you no doubt would have heard of MAXCDN and there are lots of tutorials on how to set it up using WordPress and W3 Total Cache. With Krystal though it’s really easy and simple to do assuming that your site is running WordPress and you have got the W3 Total Cache Plugin. If not then I recommend that you get it and activate it.

Are you ready to proceed? Then let’s get going…

Step 1 – Login to your WordPress Dashboard then go to: Performance > General Settings.

Step 2 – Scroll down until you see CDN. Click enable and from the drop down select Generic Mirror. Once done click on the Save All Settings button.

Step 3 – Assuming you signed up for this service you should then Login to your client area at krystal.co.uk and click on the CDN Service. There you will see your Origins Domain and CDN Hostname which should be something like


Grab that link with right-click copy and go back to your WordPress Dashboard. Go to: Performance > CDN and ignore the General Section and go direct to the Configuration section. Paste in the link in the field and click on the Test Mirror button.

You will notice that in the dropdown for SSL Support that I have it enabled as I have an SSL on my domain. If you do not have one of these then select the AUTO option. Once all done just click on the Save all settings button and your good to go.

Usually after I have made changes to W3 Total Cache I clear all my caches. Once all of that has been done go to the public side of your site > Right Click and view page source. You should see lots of links with the new CDN URL in place.

And that as they say is that! I hope that you found this tutorial easy to follow. Your site should now be superfast.

Thanks for reading.

Phillip Dews