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Google to switch off PageSpeed service

Steve Sant

By: Steve Sant in Administration

Posted on: May 07th 2015 at 13:33pm

Launched in July 2011, Google’s PageSpeed service has been adopted by many website owners to help speed up their visitors’ experience. PageSpeed does a number of things to speed up websites by optimising files, merging resources to reduce latency, adding caching directives, and much more.

Yesterday Google sent out an email to its PageSpeed users to explain that their hosted PageSpeed Service is being discontinued on 3rd August 2015.

What does this mean?

If you are using Google PageSpeed service, then you are serving your website via Google’s own servers, a bit like a CDN service, or reverse proxy. This means at some point, you altered your DNS records so that your www.domain host entry CNAME record points to pagespeed.googlehosted.com, and you configured the service inside your Google Apps account.

If the above describes you, then you need to act by following Google’s instructions here.

PageSpeed lives on at Krystal

Don’t worry, you can still take advantage of PageSpeed technology – Google have just decided to stop providing people with a free CDN service, that’s all.

The PageSpeed module is still available to Krystal customers as an Apache module – just contact us to check it is available on your server before enabling it via your .htaccess file.

To enable it, just add this to your site’s .htaccess file

ModPagespeed on

Our PageSpeed configuration is quite conservative, so in the vast majority of cases it will work perfectly, and will not break your site in any way. It will optimise small images, javascript, css, and inline a number resources to speed up your pages. Give it a try!