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Join our affiliate programme and earn up to... £200 per sale!

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How it works...

Step 1: Sign-up

Fill in your details and get your account activated

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6 reasons to be a Krystal Affiliate

Unbeatable Conversion and Retention Rates

Click to sale conversion rates of 5% with exceptional retention ratios.

Best Hosting Commissions

Industry leading commissions with special bonus payments to affiliates who drive volume traffic.

Clients Love Us!

We're ranked #1 for web hosting on TrustPilot and receive regular 5-star reviews for our service and support.

Dedicated Affiliate Team

Dedicated affiliate team, focused on helping you build your business and following through on any issue.

Grow With the Brand That Adds Value

All our products are designed to help clients have a brilliant experience.

Wide Array of Hosting Products

We have a wide range of hosting products to promote.

Become an affiliate

Programme Specifications

International affiliates accepted

Payments in GBP only.

Tracking cookies

All cookies expire after 30-days from initial click.

All traffic accepted

Except Spammers, fraudulent clicks and Incentivised traffic

At Krystal we always strive to give our affiliates the best opportunity to earn the most commissions, how do we do it ?

  • Fresh seasonal and themed creatives.
  • Landing pages optimised monthly to make sure all affiliate efforts are rewarded.
  • We listen to all affiliate concerns and improve our relationship.

Become an affiliate - Earn up to £200 per sale!
Affiliate Window

Our affiliate partner

We have chosen the right technology partner for our affiliate programme:

Affiliates are welcome to sign up for free with Awin (Affiliate Window). The partnership will provide robust tracking for all referrals, deliver accurate reporting and ideas to grow your affiliate traffic. Unique to Krystal hosting is the wealth of knowledge between the two partners to deliver an exceptional affiliate programme.

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We've designed our affiliate programme around the same principles as our hosting: generous perks, straightforward pricing and features, and friendly support, to back it all up.

Offering the highest pay-out per sign up in the UK, regular settlement, performance incentives and a willingness to work alongside our affiliates makes the Krystal Affiliate Programme the choice for marketeers who want to honestly monetise their visitor base.

Example of Potential Earnings

Here's what you'll earn per sale. We pay out on Hosting Plans and PCI-Compliant Business Hosting Plans

Plan name Monthly Annual
Amethyst £1 £5
Topaz £1.50 £15
Ruby £3 £25
Plan Name Monthly Annual
Sapphire £5 £60
Diamond £10 £120
Tanzanite £20 £200

Monetize your traffic by referring clients to us:

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Affiliate FAQs

The payouts are calculated to remunerate all affiliates appropriately depending on sales conversions - you can earn up to £200 per sale.

NB: We won't pay out on an affiliate referral where the client also uses a coupon that's not been distributed through the affiliate channel.

We know it's not rewarding to link to a host who can't convert. We have a very solid 5% conversion rate on our site, and AOV is £35. Affiliates are guaranteed results.

Our Dedicated Affiliate Team, is on hand to help with any affiliate related queries or issues you might have. We aim to give speedy support and assistance to minimise disruption to your affiliate marketing efforts.

Most categories of Affiliates are allowed with the following exceptions, incentivized affiliate marketers, discount codes, voucher codes and any illegal traffic source.

If in doubt? please ask our dedicated affiliate team for clarification on what is permitted within the programme

Yes, All Affiliates wanting to use the PPC channel would need to get permission from the dedicated affiliate team before launching any campaigns. All affiliates are not to bid on the brand Terms “Krystal” and any misspelling of the brand name. ( All Krystal brands operating affiliate programs are included)

Our incentive programme is developed on a month to month basis to reward all our affiliates with converting traffic. On top of the current commissions, there is an additional reward for hard work.

Yes: We utilise a unique attribution model and last click wins.

When we change something in terms and conditions of our programme, lower the commissions or when there's a possibility of our website being unavailable, we would like to give a 7 days notice to our publishers, where possible.

Our Geo-target area is the UK , but are happy to work with any affiliates who have UK web hosting traffic.

Cookies are 30 days. Much like any activity, cookies have a shelf life and an expiration date.